Hex Colony Manual (Rehearsal)
Tuesday 5 October – 12am
The Hex Artist Colony is an artists’ retreat established at a farmhouse near Unnaryd, Sweden by artists Jason Dungan and Maria Zahle. 18 artists from the UK, Europe, and the US were invited to live and work at the house throughout a three-month period. A series of public events were organized with the Landsmuseet Halland and artists from the region. The participating artists were: Melissa Bent, Vanessa Billy, Alice Channer, Steve Claydon, Lucy Clout, Jason Dungan, Dustin Ericksen, Jenifer Evans, Anthony Faroux, Rochelle Fry, Ruth Hoeflich, Sara Knowland, Sam Porritt, Seo Reuss, Paul Richards, Guy Rusha, Hannah Sawtell, Nora Sdun, Benedicte Sehested, Mimei Thompson, Charlotte Thrane, Maria Zahle

Hex Colony Manual (Rehearsal) will take the form of a rehearsal for a publication in the form of a manual and will include contributions from a number of artists who took part in the project.

The Hex project space was initiated in November 2006 by Maria Zahle and Jason Dungan and began with a series of solo shows in their flat on the Pembury Estate, Hackney. Invited artists included Vanessa Billy, Eddie Peake, Charlotte Thrane, Sam Porritt, and Anne Low. 

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