Model Court: An Ecology of the Courtroom
Tuesday 3 May – 12am
Model Court is as an ongoing body of work designed and produced by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Lorenzo Pezzani and Oliver Rees . The project builds upon regular meetings with an international network of people inhabiting the space of the courtroom (lawyers, judges, typists, courtroom artists) and various film-makers, architects and theorists whose work deal with the spatial, aesthetic and geopolitical aspects of legal procedure. The material produced by these meetings become exhibitions, lectures, performances and workshops that appropriate the various aesthetic and technological issues constituting and mediating the space of the court and the site of justice.

For their event at Chisenhale Gallery, the Model Court group will design a performance space that appropriates techniques of jurisprudence, evidence and the apparatuses that become the essential constituents of tribunals - the typist, the illustrator and the media technologies that enable the public dissemination of verdicts. A body of research material will be passed through this staged set-up and via various methods of live transcription a publication will be produced.

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