How to work together (2013-14)
1 April 2014 – 31 March 2015

2 May – 22 June 2014:
Céline Condorelli’s exhibition took place at Chisenhale Gallery, focusing on the theme of work and friendship.

11 April – 8 June 2014:
Ella Kruglyanskaya’s exhibition took place at Studio Voltaire, in which she developed a series of new paintings dealing with women in work.

30 April – 21 June 2014:
Gerry Bibby’s exhibition ‘Combination Boiler’ took place at The Showroom, in which he dealt with the question of ‘how to work together’ as an infiltrator, finding a disruptive role in the workplace.

Think Tank Commissions
Each Think Tank commission was accompanied by a public live event at one of our three galleries; the commissions were as follows:

- ‘Common Good(s): Redefining the public interest and the common good’ – an essay by Anna Minton, accompanied by ‘After Ground Control’, a presentation by Anna Minton
- ‘How to refuse work altogether’ – a sound work by Bonnie Camplin, accompanied by an audio recording of the inaugural meeting of the Nervemeter Council, 31 August 2013
- ‘Source Sans How to work together’ – a typeface for the project developed by An Endless Supply in collaboration with a growing number of designers
- ‘The Company We Keep’ – a conversation between Céline Condorelli and sociologist Avery Gordon, accompanied by a ‘Bibliography of Work and Friendship’
- ‘Morning Star Rebranded’ – an open letter by Chris Evans

About How to work together
How to work together was supported by a capacity building and match-funding grant from Arts Council England through Catalyst Arts, with additional funding in the third year from Bloomberg, Cockayne Foundation and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

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