Cara Tolmie: Exercise Workshops for Performance
Saturday 2 March
across four Saturdays from 9 February - 2 March in Victoria Park

Across four Saturdays from 9 February - 2 March Cara Tolmie, the
Chisenhale Gallery Neighbourhood Residency artist presented a series of workshops in the Hub Building, Victoria Park. Experimenting with using our bodies performatively, the sessions used simple exercises to explore the fundamental elements of performance: gesture, movement, voice and the use of props. These workshops offered an open space to experiment, paying attention to the way we already use our bodies day-to-day. Basic exercises encouraged participants to think about how our bodies perform alone, alongside and in dialogue with one other.

These workshops form the starting point towards a live performance by
Cara Tolmie in Victoria Park on the weekend of 26/ 27 July 2013.

All workshops took place at The Hub Building, Victoria Park. Each session included a morning workshop and an afternoon film or performance.

To view resources used during the workshops please click here.

Saturday 9 February, 11am-4pm: Gesture and Repetition
Exercises at this session will experiment with the way we interpret our
physical gestures. By repeating these gestures a number of times in exaggerated, quiet or strange ways is it possible to give them different meanings?

Click here to download the programme notes for the Gesture and Repetitionworkshop. 

Saturday 16 February, 11am-4pm: Movement
This session will be an opportunity to experiment with new ways of moving our own bodies, finding imaginative ways of thinking about our movements and how they communicate.

Click here to download the programme notes for the Movement workshop. 

Saturday 23 February, 11am-4pm: Voice
During this workshop we will only use our voices. We will spend this time
discovering other ways to make noise with our voices, finding out how far we can push the sounds we make both alone and as a group.
* Please note that the venue for this workshop has changed to The V&A Building and Playground, located near to the Grove Road/ Gore Road entrance to Victoria Park.

Click here to download the programme notes for the Voice workshop. 

Saturday 2 March, 11am-4pm: Using Props
Each person should bring an object with them to this session. This object can be anything but must be no bigger than yourself. We will spend this workshop playing with different ways of performing with this object - using it to make us move in different ways, help us communicate with others, tell a story etc.

Click here to download the programme notes for the Using Props workshop.

The Neighbourhood Residency is part of Chisenhale Gallery’s Offsite
programme and for the second year is produced in collaboration with Tower Hamlets Parks and Open Spaces Department. Victoria Park is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and recently received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore key historic elements. In 2012 Victoria Park was voted the Nation’s favourite park and received the 2012 People’s Choice Award.

Please click here for more information about Cara Tolmie, the Neighbourhood Residency artist.

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