Cara Tolmie: Otiumfold
Saturday 27 July, 5
The Hub Building, London, E9 5DU

The park is a horizontal social space: a democracy of sorts. A space where all kinds of people feel that all kinds of behaviours are acceptable in a way that might not be allowable elsewhere; beach wear, group exercise drills, portable PA’s, dance experiments to mention a few. These actions commingle upon the contours of this green space, colliding, bumping, passing but mostly ignoring one another and together creating the bizarre scene we know as – the park.

But within this varied and surreal landscape how might we define a performance? And how might we find new ways to contemplate this communal stage through this performance? — Cara Tolmie

Cara Tolmie performed Otiumfold alongside a group of participants who she collaborated with during her year-long Chisenhale Gallery Neighbourhood Residency. Together they carried out a series of choreographed and semi-improvised actions in response to the landscape of the park, creating an alternative way to navigate the park and interact with its architecture.

Frank Anthony
Elizabeth Bogo
Leena Chauhan
Elsa Coustou
Edward Gillman
Sarah Hall-Craggs
Julia Parks
Linzi Stauvers
Cara Tolmie

Documentation  by Kimberley O'Neill, Duncan Marquiss and Mark Essen.

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