Cathy Haynes: Making Midsummer Solar Clocks
Saturday 1 March

Making Midsummer Solar Clocks
11am-4pm, Saturday 21 June, The Royal Observatory, Greenwich Park, SE10 8XJ
11am-4pm, Sunday 22 June, The Hub Building, Victoria Park, E9 5DU

Chisenhale Gallery and Victoria Park are collaborating with The Royal Observatory to run two day-long workshops over the Summer Solstice weekend led by Public Astronomer Marek Kukula. Explore the vital link between sunlight and time by spending Midsummer learning how to make clocks from the shadows of ordinary objects and how the movements in the solar system affect shifts on Earth.

Both events are free to attend but booking is strongly advised. To reserve a place contact 

This event is the third in a series of field studies organised by artist Cathy Haynes the Chisenhale Gallery Victoria Park Residency 2013-14 artist to explore alternative ways of keeping and thinking about time as part of her research project Stereochron Island.

To find out more about past events and read the project blog, visit

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