Yuri Pattison Crypto-party
Thursday 13 August, 7pm
Chisenhale Gallery

In response to the growing anxiety surrounding surveillance and the current UK government’s proposed ban on encryption - the technology that protects online communication, shopping, banking and personal data - Yuri Pattison leads a crypto-party inspired workshop and distribution event. Crypto-parties are public workshops, which take place worldwide, with the aim to introduce participants to the basics of cryptography - a security method used to disguise information so that only those for whom it is intended can read it.

Pattison taps into a contemporary moment of anxiety around mass communication, big data and information overload. By distributing found texts and the tools required for secure online communication, Pattison offers solutions in how to understand online monitoring systems, improve online security, and relax.

Participants are welcome to bring their own laptops or tablets but this is not a requirement.

This event is free to attend but booking is advised. To reserve your place, please click here.